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Start on Friday, and the upgrade finishes on Monday, thus causing you to "waste" Sunday. Everyone on my map are lvl , so it's not that I'm overleveled. Only you can say if those deals are worth it to you or not. If you have enough diamonds and gold you will become incredible Boom Beach player.

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Everyone on my map are lvlso it's not that I'm overleveled. Logging into bdach account, recharging it with a large dianonds of Boom Beach Diamonds: Five stars is the highest rating, and one star is the lowest rating. Probably the most noticeable alter that has been implemented with this edition is its much faster time generating the resources specifically diamonds, wood, stone, iron gold.

Fourth, if you're planning to push for the individual leaderboard and you have serious ambitions of winding up in the top 25 players worldwide, then why not hoard them. If I've got my statues boosted for an operation attack and I have the wrong troops loaded.

The random accidents that were apparent throughout its beta screening continues to be solved. For example, I always load zookas for an operation hit, but sometimes heavy-zooka or scorcher-zooka is required instead.

As you progress, the Cycle of Evil has 3 high-loot days: Your browser does not allow you to contact us from this page because third party cookies are disabled.

Anyway, most players would suggest that you do not use diamonds for resources unless absolutely, absolutely necessary. Click continue to open this form in a new tab. No instructions, advocacy, or distribution of, hacking, cheating, exploits, or modding. Boom Beach is an diamondds game. In doing that raid, I'd get tons of gold, and I'd do an armory upgrade contemporaneously with the building and sometimes, if I was upgrading the armory, I'd go rush that with diamonds and then do a troop upgrade, but that was before heroes.

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You should check diamons directions for the League of Bom 2 hack bellow, generated League of Angels 2 limitless diamonds within moments by using them after obtaining the League of Angels 2 hack. Message the Mods we get lonely sometimes We are also angry towards the developer group of Boom Beach who are using the people s money for something they could get for free.

Protection from enemy attacks yields few diamonds for each example Up-date, fix by fbsupercheats group. OR Contact Us Contact. Once your VP are high enough to get raided regularly, then that gold production statue is likely to benefit your enemies more than you. BoomBeach submitted 1 year ago by PottattoII.

These research have the ability to detect it.

Boom Beach Diamonds: What to Use Them On! - Without The Sarcasm

For example, a lot of higher level warrior, heavy, and zooka upgrades are 3 days plus. This was particularly helpful to me when I was upgrading my LC's I could really use some more coins.

Use Boom Beach Recruit instead. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. That bomo, offensive players will not benefit sufficiently from a gold production statue to justify sacrificing a slot.

This app is a guide that takes players through the different stages of playing Boom Beach. They are utilized to increase creation velocity i. Raids aren't nearly as common around as you say.

Hoarding them causes you max out more slowly. Doamonds on Friday, and the upgrade finishes on Monday, thus causing you to "waste" Sunday.

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold. But they're objectively a better deals than d for 5 tokens.

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