Element td 4.3

Beginning at level 5 and for every 5 levels after that, the player chooses an Elemental Guardian to summon. Consequently, each tower deals damage based on its attack element versus the armor element of the invading creeps. Karawasa , May 12, Can a mod look at this? Unlike most Tower Defenses, Element TD has two major innovations that allow for a depth of strategy unseen in contemporary Tower Defense gameplay.

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Element TD Survivor 4.3b

The Devil's in the Details Can a mod look at this? It works and satisfies the submission rules.

These guardians channel the secrets of deep and powerful elemental magik, and when killed they grant the user the use of a specific element. This gives you another chance at the gold they carry, but gives the creep another chance at you.

EarthFireand Water The Frozen Throne Recommended version: Each element combines with another element to create a unique dual tower, and each dual tower can combine with a third and separate elemfnt to create a triple element tower. Step by to congratulate the winners! Though, im not sure though.

Players may also increase the initial interest rate once every five levels at the cost of an Element pick. Element TD Survivor 4. In allowing some gold to accumulate, you may find that early level creeps sneak past your defenses; however, Element TD does not trade off money lost in kills for money gained by hoarding.

SeptimusApr 23, This bundle is marked as approved. KarawasaMay 12, Some of the players depending on which side they're on can create buildings on that side of the map. Aug 14, Messages: In most Tower Defense games, if you let a creep reach the end of its path, you lose a life and whatever gold you would have 4.33 from killing it.

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Each tower has its own offensive and support capabilities. Towers may only be upgraded if all of their component elements have been brought to the next elemeng. No, create an account now. DoronMay 12, Im not gd if this bug is possible or not.

In Element TD, leaked creeps respawn at the start of the path. What is Element Tower Defense? Apr 21, Messages: In higher difficulty levels survival depends upon proper tower placement and cash management. Karawasa, you should use update button A Proliferation of Strategy: So like for example.

Beginning with two elements, the user can combine elements and create unique dual and triple element towers. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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